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We live in an era where mobile phones and the web occupy an integral part of our lives. The fabric of business in world is changing, to the extent that most businesses can be reached with the click of a mouse. Indian Essence Art is the country’s largest and fastest growing restaurants & food delivery Company. It strives to provide a complete food ordering and delivery solution to the modern day customer by delivering foods from the best neighbourhood restaurants. This business establishment has its own dedicated delivery personnel to pick up orders from restaurants and deliver it to the respective customers. This has made several restaurants to tie up with Indian Essence Art in order to reach out to many people.

Indian Essence Art for Business

It has come up with innovative methods to provide complete food ordering and delivery solution to the urban foodies. The delivery giant intends to reach out to the foodaholics through its app-based technology.

Step - 1

Submit Your Details

Step - 2

Sign the service agreement

Step - 3

Food making and tasting

Step - 4

Go live and start getting orders


Key Benefits

Access a wider customer base in your area

Access to the largest delivery fleet

All your business metrics on your finger tips in real time

The cost of operations will be reduced

Engage vehicles to deliver food to the customers

Make a


You can call us directly at 02-061-0544 & 0959200722

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