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Indian Essence Art,

Mintu Kushwah, Founder of Indian Essence Art, As Chef and Indian he has always had a passion for the Indian food of home and was inspired to inject a new energy into Indian dining, with 18 years of experience in the Finest Restaurants & Hotels, our Chef are excited to showcase his culinary delight to customers, our staffs will ensure you that you will have memorable dining experience at Indian Essence Art.

Why Indian Essence Art?

When it comes to food, Indian food also termed as curry tops the list of all foodies. However, over time the authentic taste has disappeared and anything that is spicy, and curry is termed as Indian Food. Indian Essence is one of the places where you will find authentic Indian Food. The place is run by some of the top Indian Chefs. The team at Indian Essence has worked hard enough to bring the best of authentic Indian Food in terms of taste, quality, and quantity. For all the Indian food lovers, or those who haven't tried the king of all cuisine, Indian Essence Art is a must visit place. Check out our amazing new decor at Sukhumvit 22

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Relentless pursuit of perfection takes hard work. It means never taking the easy route, never cutting corners. We double down on consistency, on quality, on flavor. Real food that tastes real good made with real conviction.

Live Kitchen

Kitchen is the main part of a restaurant & most of them are closed in restaurants. But, here you can see what we serve to you.

Natural Vegetables

High Quality Fresh Ingredients Indian Essence Art prides itself using the freshest handpicked ingredients

Fresh Meats

Indian Essence mainly focusing on peoples health and keeping it in good by only using fresh meats & fishes, etc.


We are a very cost effective way to modernise the catering service in all sizes of events or parties.

Delicious Food

Delicious & good food for you by only using natural flavours & fresh ingredients.

Home Delivery

Order food from wherever you are and get it delivered on where you need, with in time.

Our Sister Concerns

Free IEA Gulab Jamun on Every Order on every order with min. order amount of THB 699 and above.

Free IEA Tandoori Chicken on Every Order on every order with min. order amount of THB 999 and above.

Free IEA Butter Chicken on Every Order on every order with min. order amount of THB 1249 and above.

FLAT 20% OFF on bulk orders on min. order amount of THB 5000 and above.

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